River Ness Hydro Scheme Design & Concept art

In 2018 I was approached by The Highland Council to design a public art sculpture for a new hydroelectic scheme, in a prominent location in my home town of Inverness. The brief was to design a structure which would conceal the concrete building and turn it into a beautiful landmark and public area, while showcasing the value of hydroelectric technology. I was asked to take inspiration from the River Ness and its creatures which inhabit it – both real and mythological.

Working closely with the project managers and engineers throughout its development to ensure my design was buildable, the end result was 3 architectural concept artworks. These were used in the project planning application, press releases, and for reference for the architect and engineers in the build.

In 2022 the build was completed. I’m delighted to see how faithfully my design was replicated, and how positively it’s been received by the people of Inverness.

The project is currently shortlisted for many industry awards, and will be used as a centre for education on STEM subjects.

(Thanks to Steven Bullock and Karl Markham for the photography)